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Open to ALL retrieverowners.
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-See "Privatetraining"

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Do you want me or me and other skilled and appreciated instructor(s) to hold a class or instruct a group over 1, 2 or more days - you are more than welcome to contact me for more information. I work with groups up to 10 dogs and handlers depending on the skills but more people are welcome to take part without dogs. I always make plans with the particular group in mind - their skills and/or problems. Each seminar will therefor be different. All seminars are a mix of both theory and practical work. Special studymaterial can also be provided. I will be more than happy to give you references on demand.

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For more information
tele_red.gif (1532 bytes) +46 763 399 470      Mail mail_red.gif (1017 bytes)


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Our philosophy to focus on only one thing at a time during halfday-seminars have been very successful and as we understand, very appreciated. To be able to come into "our way of thinking" and for the dogs to get the repetition theese hours of training offers during the day, has made success over and over again

Sileäkarvaiset Noutajat RY
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Summercamp 12-18 June

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12-18 June

For more info
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Where? More info below.

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starguld.gif (5730 bytes)Norwigian Retrieverclubstarguld.gif (5730 bytes)
Hemsedal weeks - w.29 & w.30

For more info - click on the logo to the right

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Contacthand_right.gif (91 bytes) Asbjörn Kristiansen 
NRK: Avd Bergen

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starguld.gif (5730 bytes)2-day class in Uddevallastarguld.gif (5730 bytes)
23-24 Maj 2009

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Skillevel: Not below Openclass
Contacthand_right.gif (91 bytes)Åse Gustafsson

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starguld.gif (5730 bytes)2-DAY-CLASSESstarguld.gif (5730 bytes)
All skillevels Beginner-Elite

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- At Norra Fjället in Ljungskile -
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more info, map, GPS-coordinates etc

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kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes)SUMMER
button_red.gif (927 bytes) Retrieverwork 7-8 juli
button_red.gif (927 bytes) Blindwork (land &water) 9-10 July

Alone or in Group

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Sometimes you need feedback on something you have been doing a lot of practice on, perhaps you´re stuck in the same old and need help to get further in your training, help when problems arrive or just new ideas & input on the training. Maybe you are a beginner and don´t know how to start your training and sometimes it just feels better to be part of a smaller group or just alone. This is where the private training is very good.
You should always feel content and see success

after each occation.

Mail me for details: mail_red.gif (1017 bytes)

redball.gif (995 bytes)Individual Trainingprogram
Have you got a special goal for your training and want individual help but for any reason can not book a number of private classes?
From spring-09 I can provide individual trainingprograms with personal follow-up.

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kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) 1 privatlesson
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) 8 individully set programs
     -A personal training- and follow-up-book.
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Follow up by telephone one a week -4 times
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Private training
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Mondays in Gothenburg area
from May-Oct exc. July from 09-18
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kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes)All other days on Tjörn
or in your area for a travelcompensation.

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Engaged by:

kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes)Dogcampus-school in Hällefors,
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Swedish Flatcoated Retrieverclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Swedish Labradorclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Norvegian Retrieverclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Russian Retrieverclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Foxlodge shootingrange in Russia
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Finnish Flatcoated Retrieverclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Swedish Spaniel & Retrieverclub
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Kalmar BK,
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club
kulagul.jpg (2544 bytes) Kennels, Traininggroups & Private persons
     around Sweden and Norway

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 For more info call Karin tele_red.gif (1532 bytes) +46 763 399 470 or mail mail_red.gif (1017 bytes)

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