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About Me


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My first own dog came to me when I was 9, after some years of hard work, nagging my parents.
After having all sorts of exotic animals in the house such as a live swan, a Beagle was a dream for my family. For all of you who knows this breed, also knows that they are very special....
My "Pia" did everything I wanted when she wanted and nothing if she didn´t want to.
All those who have the theory that "a dog can not make plans" have never met this lady.

Pia was almost 2 years old when she entered our lives. She had come as a pup from England to Sahlgrenska hospital to be part of some researchgroup, but one of the scinentists found her so cute he took her home.
He had no idea what he was getting himself and his family into. With us she stayed ´til we lost her to cancer when I was 18 and I tought her lots of tricks both useful and totally useless such. She also tought me an incredible amount about dogs in general, and to this day I thank her for all the years we had together - what a personality she was.

Studies both abroad and at home and later on small children was the reason for not having any dogs ´til the middle of the 1990th. My dream of a retriever came through in 1996 - my own retrievertraining has only been part of my lift since 1996.

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The interest in retrieverwork and the practical hunting grew big and I took my hunters-exam and I trained with quantity instead of quality lots of times I think my first retriever and I did ALL the wrongs we could(?)

In the end we at least got so far we took a 1st prize in Eliteclass. After this little lady there has been numerous dogs, both retrievers and Bassets of both sexes, who we have trained with, started at trials and hunted practically with.

The thing that gives me the most pleasure is to see handlers develop together with their dogs and to teach people to have fun and cooperate with their best friends - their dogs. To teach people how to "read" dogs is everything to me and also to give people the insight that it is never to late to replace one behavior with another. I have worked as a teacher on High School -level and I try to use my teachingskills as best I can. To mix theory and practice is very important. You can not relate and can not reffer if you are not able to use the theory in practice. I have also tried mental-coaching but it´s marketing that I have been working mostly with but also on the other side - i.e purchase.
I try to enthusiate people and always teach that "good trainers and people" always tells you when you´re doing something wrong. To learn how to give and take critisism is very important and to be able to laugh with and not at eachother is also something that is close to my heart.

All tips you learn (cause you never stop learning) you should gladly pass forward to the next handler.

I always tell my pupils not to accept everything a teacher says - be critical and ask questions. If a teacher can not answer and explain why he/she thinks this or that - how can you embrase this? If you do not like an answer you can always get another tip - there are always many ways to reach the same goal and one should always feel comfortable in how to train your dog.
/ Karin

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My experiences:

tassny.gif (911 bytes) Retrieving-class in Russia
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Instructor at the Finnish Flatcoated Retriever Society´s summercamp
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Pep-days for the instructors of the Labrador Retriever Club in Sweden
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Numerous week-end seminars and courses for several sections of the FCR.Club of Sweden
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Numerous week-end seminars for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Instructor at Kenneldates etc

I have also judged dogs at:
Tollingtests, unoff. cold game tests, working tests and as a showjudge
at some unofficial shows such as:

tassny.gif (911 bytes) Finnish Flatcoated Retriever Club´s Open Show - over 85 dogs
tassny.gif (911 bytes) Russian Retrieverfestival - Golden, Labrador, Flatcoated

I will be more than happy to give you references if you ask

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